Why does my horse need protein?

Feb 25, 2015
Why does my horse need protein?

Key functions of proteins in your horse’s body include providing structure, nutrient transport in the blood stream, nutrient transport across cell membranes, regulation of metabolic function, as a component of the immune system and to act as a buffer to minimize fluctuations in body PH. Furthermore Protein assists in tissue repair and muscle growth. Some horse owners believe to much protein causes laminitis and growth problems on colts and can lead to kidney damage. Protein does not cause any of these issues. Amino acids like Lysine; Threonine and Methionine are essential for your horse. Some indications of protein deficiency may include general non-thriftiness, depressed feed intake, weight loss and poor hoof and hair coat quality. Growing and training horses and lactating mares have the highest protein requirements of all horses. Ask your vet for more information on how much protein your horse my need. aespasofino.com your source for supplements.
All of this information was gather by vets information and articles. Please always consult your vet when giving your horse any type of supplement. AESPASOFINO.COM

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